Our Classes

Music In Bloom classes are filled with music and movement activities meant for children ages 0 to 4 years and their caregivers to experience together.

Tapping and Clapping

Cross Body work & Brain development, hand eye coordination, and ingraining life-long rhythm.

Simple Songs and Circle Dances

Develops musical and movement intelligence, spatial awareness and movement vocabulary, encourages community bonding and boosts confidence.

Ball Rolling

Strengthens hand/eye coordination and their understanding of cause and effect relationships.

And so much more...

The goal of our "Caregiver and Child" classes is to present appropriate musical experiences that eventually elicit natural and beautiful in tune, rhythmic responses. Every child is BORN with the potential to be “tuneful, beat-ful, and artful” (Dr. Feierabend). Each class provides your child the opportunities to "bloom" in their sensory awareness, language skills, and fine and gross motor skills.

Each quarter (8 week session) includes take home lyric sheets and a digital music download containing all the songs covered during the quarter.